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Separation By Design provides custom transloading systems for organizations that need to transfer diesel, biodiesel, ethanol, crude oil, and/or DEF to and from rail cars. Liquids can be moved to and from stationary tanks, tank trucks, and transports. These systems are engineered to the exact needs of your organization.

When you engage with SBD, we will take into consideration your current infrastructure, current and expected volume, market factors, and long-term goals, to help you identify which solution will offer you the most value both long-term and short-term.


Portable Stationary Transloading Systems

Are your transloading needs seasonal, temporary, or dependent on market factors? Separation By Design offers portable skids to both get you up and running quickly and give you the flexibility to move units between locations to accommodate changing demand. This allows business to dramatically save on costs.

These drop-in-place skids can be set on the ground and moved around with a fork lift. And, as demand increases, these portable skids can be modified for a permanent solution.


Portable Mobile Transloading Systems

When even more mobility is desired, Separation By Design transloading skids can be mounted on wheels. This allows skids to be moved around a location with ease. They can be designed for both on and off-road application, and accommodate different vehicle hitches depending on your needs.


Permanent Transloading Systems

Looking for a more fixed solution? Separation by Design can handle projects of all sizes from start-to-finish. We offer complete project management, onsite field technicians, and long-term support. If you are looking to add safety racks, concrete pads, and tanks, SBD can manage the entire project for you.


Additional Features

All Separation By Design transloading systems are built specific to the customer needs. We offer a full array of features, install, and equipment options. We can incorporate features such as our patented blending, weights and measures approved metering, and accounting software integration. This will allow you to create a full solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing equipment including accounting, inventory, and driver management software. Need blending? Separation By Design has a patented blending solution that can be incorporated directly into the transloading solution. Live in a cold climate? Insulation and heating can be added to the system to prevent product freezing. Need provisions for water cut (crude oil), overfill protection, or ground verification? We can do that all that too and more!

Contact us today to discuss how to satisfy your transloading needs in a way that’s both smart and affordable.