Separation By Design is a driving force in the development of DEF infrastructure through its KleerBlue brand. As mandates for DEF have come into effect, SBD has been at the forefront bringing DEF handling equipment to North America.

From small handpumps for 55 gallon drums to fully automated DEF manufacturing facilities and everything in between, KleerBlue's DEF equipment is transforming the way manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and equipment owners handle DEF requirements.

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Transload Skids

Separation By Design provides custom transloading systems for organizations that need to transfer diesel, biodiesel, ethanol, crude oil, and/or DEF to and from rail cars. Liquids can be moved to...

Diesel Exhaust Fluid Solutions

Separation By Design has been on the cutting-edge of developing Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) storage and dispensing solutions through its KleerBlue brand name.  We offer a full line of innovative...

Aboveground Piping

Separation By Design has crafted a low cost, quick solution to setting up a new and/or temporary dispensing lane with its patented Aboveground Piping product. Save dramatically on EPA requirements...